Community based treatment center which provides an assortment of mental health services for children and adults. Providing the highest caliber of treatment and are to our clients, while helping them to thrive and live life to the fullest with the freedom to pursue their interests as valued Citizens.

Treatment is individualised and goal oriented to restore clients to their highest level of functioning, creating a safer and healthier environment. Treatment plans are written in the presence of the client and are rehabilitative in nature. The needs of the client and family are taken into consideration at the same time maintaining a standard of integrity for medical necessity. We work with other mental health agencies to ensure the most complete and proper care is delivered.

We are proud to have an experienced and strong group of individuals within our company. Our medical and Clinical directors bring a combined 70 years of experience and wisdom to our organization. Each of our employees has multiple years of experience and or a degree in this field. We are confident that our team will prescribe and execute services with the utmost professionalism and skill.

Our Mission

Renovation Mental Health Services